More from "The Bear Who Hated His Job"

Here's a crayon sketch of a narrator character I had designed for the "The Bear Who Hated His Job" story. He was supposed to be your typical Burgoskovian (a country I made up for the story) citizen, which lent him some very stereotypical cold war Russian features combined with wooden clogs. While fun to draw, I eventually felt this narrator was limited in his ability to clearly move the story along, and replaced him with the sensible British art curator and historian. I do, however, plan on using this character in the story still, so he will probably pop up again.

 Here's a very early rough (and a peek into my thumbnailing process) of the second part of the story. Although, a lot of this has ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak,

Finally, here is an early rough of my cover for the story, which I liked so much that I barely changed anything but the typography. You can see the finished version of this cover here.

Well, that about does it for today. If some of you notice some layout changes to this blog, it's because I finally made the decision to do some ad placement and I'm trying to make it work. Thanks for looking in the meantime, and as always, comments and suggestions are really appreciated.

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