The Bear Who Hated His Job

Today's post is one of my newer projects. It's about a bear who has a problem a lot of people face.

He hates his job.

To make matters worse, he is grossly undervalued and underutilized. This bear is the most talented and accomplished knife thrower in the whole world. The circus is only interested in using him as a silly dancing bear, so he is relegated to a rigorous cycle of performances as a mindless preshow entertainer.

 Of course, his malcontent simmers until he is forced to take drastic action... but I don't want to give the whole story away.

Here is a mockup of the cover and logo. Yes, it is a nod artistically to soviet propaganda posters. I think the strong, yet simple, design elements combined with the cartoonish story make for a good marriage.

I drew the bear in Adobe Illustrator and did the finishing color work in Photoshop.

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