A Story about a Cat

This is my cat Skeletor, or "Skelly" as he's commonly called. As you can see, he is a great lover of literature. I post this picture of him because he's awesome and also because I include him as a recurring character in lots of my stories.

In "Finnigan's Last Resort", Skelly is a companion and friend to the main character. He represents loyalty, friendship, and perseverance in hard times.

 In my stories, I use him as a device to connect the audience with the happenings of the story. He is a somewhat silent witness to it all.

This scene below depicts the main character on his surreal journey out of the grey world of depression and loss toward a more primal and basic land full of strange and almost mythical things. There are unicorns on mocha mountains and oceans of Yoo Hoo chocolate drink.

 But amidst all this, Skelly, the cat is showing a concern for his friend as this journey takes place. He is an observer, and a guardian of sorts.

Made in Adobe Illustrator and then colored in Photoshop.

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