Finnigan's Last Resort- Ballpoint Pen Sketches

It's been a while but I've been working on Finnigan's Last Resort again. For those of you whom I have shared these characters with over the years, there have been some changes in the story and its makeup. For one, I'm not writing it alone anymore.

Today's post is two sketches from my brainstorming sketchbook. The first is a concept sketch of the main character with his cat. He has gone on a surreal journey to a strange place, where he contemplates the events of his life.


 The second is Esau the Donkey enjoying time with his friend Finnigan the Duck. Finnigan runs an inn that the characters frequent and lots of offbeat hi jinks are sure to follow. These were done with a plain black pen on regular brown paper. The tones were added with pencil.


I'll post more of these soon.

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