Knubby the Dwarf Gives the Business to an Owlbear

 I can't stop drawing Dungeons and Dragons dwarves lately. I'm hopelessly addicted. Now if you'll excuse me, I have another dwarf to draw.

Moon Cat Among the Stars

Whew! I've been away from the blog for a little while, but I promise, it was for good reason.

 I'm now the Dad of a sweet baby boy.

So yeah, I took some time off to focus on him, but I'm back now. Today's art is the last drawing I finished before my son was born, so I figured it'd be the perfect piece to get things rolling again.

A Sketch of Bea the Cat

 Bea likes to sit on my desk while I work, which is nice because I don't always enjoy being able to directly see my computer monitor from my office chair. She also steals my seat when I get up to fix myself a drink or go to the bathroom, and she likes to type with my keyboard from time to time.

 I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bud Bear Town Mayor versus Colonel Crumbum

I've got a little more Finnigan's Last Resort stuff for you today.

 Bud Bear serves as an antagonist to my main chartacter, Finnigan, in many ways. Yet, even he should have an equal rival in the political arena. Enter: Colonel Crumbum, a southern gentle-fox who is gobbling up land deeds.

Robot Riding Laser Shark and the Necromancer

 Sketching is such an important art of my writing process. What starts as a robot riding a flying laser shark eventually turns into an epic battle of good versus evil.

 Will our high flying winged rainbow laser shark and his robot rider have what it takes to thwart the wiles of the evil and vile necromancer, Harold?

Only time will tell.... well, time, and more sketches.

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