Mountain Graffiti

by David Finley

 You'd expect to see graffiti on the side of a train car or in an alley, but what about the side of a mountain?

You should know I am fascinated by graffiti. I can't help myself. There's this element of risk combined with the story of the moment. Who looks at a public fence and sees a canvas? What makes someone scrawl a penis and some balls on the bathroom stall wall?

 In the case of this mountain side, a majority of the graffiti is comprised of differing names and dates. There are multiple couples who have professed their love on this mountain side, and multiple vacationers who just wanted to say that they were there.

This particular mountain is on the Appalachian Trail and is one of the oldest mountains on earth. When Nicole and I were white water rafting later that day, our guide pointed out some rocks that were so old that no fossils besides single cell organisms could be found in them. That means those rocks were around before the dinosaurs. Yet, here on this mountain's side is the name "Tacr" with 2010 marking the date.

 The combination of ancient and modern makes an interesting statement.

On the opposite side from the mountain wall was a beautiful view of the mountains around us. Our stop on the road side was meant to be a great photo opportunity spot, but that graffiti on the wall kept competing for my attention.

This beautiful stone and wood fence lined the cliff's edge so we wouldn't fall to our doom while trying to snap some pictures..

 As you can see, the view itself was beyond words...

... but even at the cliff's edge some more graffiti managed to snag my attention. Stevie, where ever you are, I hope you still love peace.

 Thanks for reading, Scofflaws!

-Dave, Grand Poobah of the Haven for Scofflaws.

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