The Creative Process- a Rhino and Bird

by David Finley

 My favorite thing about drawing and the creative process is coming up with new characters and funny concepts. I like imagining the stories and adventures behind the characters, and enjoy the limitless possibilities hidden within before you start fleshing the characters out.

 Take this drawing for example. I don't know their names or how they met each other, but the concept of strong friendship between two characters on a long journey appeals to me. I drew this quickly, without much thought.

 I see them riding an old World War Two era motorcycle, which will look somewhat tiny and silly under the girth of the rhino. It probably breaks down a lot. So, one of them should probably be a mechanic. The characters are raw and unrefined. They're really not much more than just a visual gag.

 At this stage you still can't tell if your concept is even good or not. Your characters could go in any direction personality-wise. It's the part of the creative process not yet burdened by the tedious details that arrive as you flesh your story and characters out.

 There is a lot of potential, which can be really thrilling. But, if I could share a bit of advice here, I would tell you to remember to enjoy, savor, and linger on this part as long as you can before you move forward.

 Although enthusiasm will increase your desire to hurry toward bringing your characters to life, rushing through the initial conceptual stage can mean more work later in the creative process. Haste might also bypass a natural personality and visual progression that you would discover with more forethought and planning.

 So, for now, all I really know is that a rhino and a bird are going on a road trip. And, that is fine with me. I'll get to know these two better next time they're up on my drawing board.

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