The Red Line- A Female Nude Figure Study

by David Finley

 Here's one of my latest from the weekly figure drawing session held over at Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington. The sessions are great and I have improved a lot by attending them.

 This piece features a nude female model, but I wanted to go beyond a simple figure study. So, I placed the red line over her breasts, not as a form of censorship, but to make a statement. Our eyes are trained to find the "hot" areas on the human body. By placing the red line over her chest, I have taken the pursuit out of the equation.

 Additionally, the red itself becomes part of the statement. Because it is diagonal, blood colored, and slightly jarring, this simple red slash becomes as provocative as the nude female body itself.

 You should be faced with subconscious choices as you look at this. Does this image soothe the eye, or skewer it?

 What do you think?

Thanks for looking!


 You can buy this print at my online store by clicking here.

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