Mickey, Donald, and Goofy- A Night of Jazz

by David Finley

Play it Again, Mickey Mouse

 When I worked at Disney, we were trained to view Mickey Mouse as a real life celebrity like George Clooney, or Frank Sinatra. The idea was to create a fun sense of make believe, like Mickey was putting on a show for everyone and we were doing our part to help.

 To be honest, it was fun thinking about the life of a Hollywood celebrity Mickey Mouse and over time, I enjoyed the idea of thinking of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Sketches began to form.

 Mickey has a jazz club downtown where he and his friends play surprise gigs.

 After a fifteen minute solo on the saxophone, Mickey Mouse makes sure his guests are happy before ordering another whiskey and water to soothe his dry throat.
Inevitably, he and Donald Duck start to argue over creative direction before Mickey can yet again placate his temper filled business partner. Meanwhile, Goofy enjoys a vintage cigar on a leather sofa.

 I'd like to thank Disney for these fantasies of mine. I'm sure it's not what they had in mind. Or, maybe they did. :)

-Thanks for reading, Scofflaws!


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