Make Your Art Feel Sexy Again

by David Finley

untitled 2, A fine art female figure study

No longer just two kids in love

Admit it, you don't love art like you used to.

 Making a living as an artist is tough. Deadlines are getting shorter and shorter, and your time drawing isn't as fun as it used to be. It seems like you're doing too much work with not enough return on investment and the projects you've been hired to do are cliche' and unfulfilling. You wouldn't even add them to your portfolio.

 Sure you might still say it's a labor of love to your friends, but what you really mean is your painting is a demanding and unforgiving mistress who will never ever let you rest. Oh, if only she would just shut up and leave you alone! Where's the tv?

 You once beamed as you told your friends what you did for a living. Now, the thrill is gone. Maybe you're wondering why you and art ever fell in love in the first place.

 What has art done for you lately?

 It's certainly not making you feel like that child who first picked up a crayon and watched as their drawing came alive. You used to lay in bed fantasizing about your next piece, but lately you find yourself putting a pillow over your head trying to forget the commission due in two days. Plus you saw art flirting with another artist the other day at the gallery open house. What was that about?

Maybe she doesn't love you anymore. Would she be better off with someone else? Do you still love her?

 Then, you remember how she made you feel alive like nothing else. You remember when you swore you'd die without her. You remember when you worked at that coffee house for tips just so you'd have enough money for you and art to get better acquainted in college. And, after all these years, admittedly, art is still looking pretty damned good, even with all those children you made together.

Rekindle your Romance with Art

No one enjoys admitting this, but one day you will realize the blame is on you. With all those commissions you've just been using art to fulfill your own needs. She didn't want to do that photo realistic portrait of your friend Barney and his six kids. Sh wanted to ,make that mixed media piece about encroaching technology and man's place in society. You made her make that portrait neither of you enjoyed just so you could earn more money.

 She has become a means to an end who you've drained of everything she originally had to offer you. You used her for money! Now, she might leave you. But, there is hope.

Art still loves you. So, don't be afraid. Go out and get her.

She just needs to know she is still sexy to you. When was the last time you attended a figure drawing class together? Have you made a point to doodle just for the sheer pleasure of being together? Will you let yourself get lost in her lines, textures and curves? Will you lose hours in he presence?

 Make your art feel sexy again. Rekindle your romance. Take the time to savor her presence. Trust me, if you reach out to her, she will make you feel like that child again picking up a crayon for the very first time.

 She will love you passionately, again. I promise.

 The road you have traveled together is only the beginning. With rekindled fire, you and art will make better paintings, drawings, sculpture, and mixed media pieces than ever before.You will discover new ways to experience her, and in turn, she will bring out the best in who you are.

 Thanks for reading, Scofflaws!

Dave, Grand Poobah of all Scofflaws.

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