Just the Art- Songbird 2

by David Finley

Songbird 2, An illustration of a beautiful girl with a songbird perched on her hand

My Songbird- Saying I Love You with Art

 It's no secret I love my wife, but it's really gratifying when I can express it with art. Sometimes it's just easier to say something with an illustration than with words; like the way she charms me and lights up my life. Sure, it might sound corny and mushy, but I don't know what I would do without her.

 The process behind this piece is complicated and difficult. It involves meticulous drawing, a lot of layering with vector shapes and lines, then overlays of scanned paint textures. Rinse, and repeat.

 It's worth noting that this is the second version of this picture. If you would like, you can see the first version of this drawing by clicking here. It had a wavy texture to it that was bothering me, so I removed it with this version.

 Thanks for looking, Scofflaws! I'll be back tomorrow with advice on making sexier art.

 See you then!

- Dave

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