Just the Art- Reach2

by David Finley

Reach 2, A girl and cat sit under the moon in heaven and the afterlife.

Art about the Afterlife

I've decided to put a new segment on my blog called, Just the Art. The decision to do this came about for a few reasons, but mostly, to give the art a chance to be featured outside of the article it accompanies. It also give me a chance to talk about process which will hopefully help some of you aspiring creatives out there. Please enjoy!

 I talked about this piece a little bit yesterday in my article about connecting with others through emotion. In yesterday's article I wrote:
"I wanted to explore my own feelings, questions, and thoughts about death and the afterlife. A beloved pet of mine died a few months ago and a deep part of me just wants to know he's okay.

 I've poured through near death experience stories, read theological debates, read the counter arguments of atheists, and combed the Bible. There are no definitive answers.

 So, I decided to "paint these questions out" on a piece of wood. On the surface, this is a piece about a woman and a cat enjoying the celestial radiance of the moon in all its splendor. Underneath, it is my plea for emotional resolution and a manifestation of my hope.

 This painting is about a lot of things. It is about my desire to have friends and family who will share the journey on the other side; to join those who have gone ahead before me. It is about the unknown. It is about who God is." 
 This piece marks an exploration of new technique and presentation, where I work on wood using pastel, paint, watercolor, and ink for staining. Because the wood itself has such a beautiful grain and warmth, I don't want to eliminate it completely.

 The pastels I use are Rembrandt brand pastels and they are incredible for their strength of pigment and blending ability. In addition, you can add water to them and spread them like paint. Pastel layers are then built up and washed, then combined with watercolor and acrylic to get a stronger hue. The piece is finished with black ink.

 A slender board will be attached to the back of the wood panel to separate it from the wall for gallery display.

 Thanks for reading, Scofflaws. I hope this gives some of your out there ideas for your own pieces.

-Dave, Grand Poobah of All Scofflaws

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