Thor in Real Life.

by David Finley

 Sometimes, whether I want to or not, I end up shelving a project for extended periods of time in order to devote more times to other projects. It's not that the idea is bad, it's just that I am mortal and have limitations when I stretch myself too thin. Such is the case with my Thor character here.
 As the story goes, one day, my friend Andrew and I were brainstorming a story concept that involved, Thor, norse god of thunder, and the modern society. Much of the story idea involved how out of place the thunder god would be ordering a latte' at the local Starbucks. He would stand in line and complain about the prices, then mispronounce Venti, while trying to flirt with the girl behind the counter. I also had this idea that Andrew would draw the comic, and I would write and ink it. So, it would be crude, simple art with a very streamlined finish on it. We were really excited to get started on it.

 However, we needed to table the concept because we were already working on so many other projects. Sadly, Thor sank into the deep waters of my doodle files.

 After rifling through some old sketches, I came across a rough concept drawing I did for the character so Andrew would have a model to work from. I still like the design very much.

 Here's that sketch:

 It appeals to me for some reason that Thor would be a fat guy with a big red mustache instead of the long-haired blonde romance cover model Marvel portrays. (No offense Jack Kirby, you're still king!)

 The sheer roundness of the character makes him fun to draw, so recently I tightened up the sketch and inked it to produce the drawing at the top of this article. Of course, it so happens that I am currently working on some other projects, so poor Thor will have to wait even longer. (cue sad music)

 Perhaps one day this Norse Legend's modern adventures will unfold, but until then at least there is this drawing to commemorate him.

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