Fighting Racism Through Art

Words and Images by David Finley

Taking on Racism

  I never felt like I really had the right to talk about racism with my art. After all, I am a white guy. But, that changed when I found myself trying to come up with Saturday Night Live style comedy sketches with some friends of mine. An idea came to me about an infamous racist organization's (I won't say their name, but they dress up like ghosts) rally where all kinds of hate was being spat out via a bull-horn, until the party is ruined by a confused pac-man running through the crowd eating them all. It made us laugh.

 Of course, my friends and I didn't have the costuming budget to make something like that happen, so I started thinking of other ways to communicate the same joke. Was their a single image that could do the same thing?

 As silly as it is, I got nervous about making a drawing like this public. What if I offended someone? However, that also got me excited. So, I made the drawing public.

 It didn't offend anyone, or at least not yet it hasn't.

 In fact, people seem to really enjoy it. The rebel inside me is a bit disappointed, but it is still nice to speak out openly on such a hot button issue.

-Dave, Grand Poobah of all Scofflaws.

P.S.  I made my "End Racism" design into a shirt. If you feel so inclined to join the cause and wish to purchase this shirt, please visit my shop by clicking the picture below.

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