My Children's Book Project- A Tip of the Hat to Mary Blair

Words and Image by David Finley, additional image by Mary Blair

Page 1 of ABC, Witch! illustrated by me, David Finley

 I'll bet you didn't know the letter "B" had a mustache. Recently, my friend Jonathan and I started working on a Children's book tentatively titled, "ABC, Witch!" It's a fun project I've approached with very basic shapes and textures to appeal to the sensibilities of younger children, who are the targeted audience.

 Admittedly, it's also the closest in style I've ever worked to the art of Mary Blair, my favorite artist. So, I would be a real buttnose if I didn't take the opportunity to pay tribute to her for what she taught me and inspired me to create.

 If you are an artist interested in children's books or animation at all, you've no doubt heard of her. For the rest of you, here is a peek:
3 Caballeros art by Mary Blair
You can look at her work for days without growing tired of it. It's deceptively complex while appearing quite simple. Her work is timeless, continuing with each passing generation to inspire hoards of emerging illustrators and animation professionals.

 So, I say thank you to Mary Blair. I would not know half of what I know about creating illustrations if I had never studied her amazing and charming illustrations.

 To see more of her work you can visit this online gallery.

Thanks so much for reading!


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