I Guess I'm Just Old-Fashioned

Words and Images by David Finley

 Okay, maybe not old fashioned, necessarily, but I do like derby hats. Does that count?

 There's something about them. They speak to a time that conjures images of romanticism.

 Picture it.

 It's 1890. Monet and Renoit chat about their latest paintings at a bistro in a changing and reborn city of Paris. The beginnings of the Eiffel tower stretch skeletal fingers toward an increasingly polluted sky for the first time. Men with large mustaches and coats smoke pipes in opium dens and sip absinth, while women sit on fainting couches in hopes of alleviating the strain caused by heavy clothes and corsets.

 It is a time of change and industrial innovation, discoveries in art, automobiles, and crime novels. It is the age of the derby hat.

 So, here is my little drawing of a derby hat in tribute to an era that so readily possesses my imagination. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to read more Sherlock Holmes.

Thanks for reading, scofflaws.

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