The Art of Flowers

Words and Images by David Finley

 At 6'2" tall, and equipped with wrists that most watches are too puny to contain, you could reasonably say that I'm a big guy.

 What's more, I like manly things like craft beer, fire, and sitting on leather chairs watching a foreign martial arts movie when I'm supposed to be washing dishes. Yes, as my chest hair will testify, I am a man, and quite happy with that.

 But, there is a side of me that loves the pure simple beauty of a flower with its delicate petals, intricate color, scent, and foliage. Flowers spray, curve, and fold, opening themselves to drink of the sunlight. They paint our gardens and perfume the wind.

 So, today I give you this piece about the simple and lovely flower. All you men out there, it is okay to enjoy such a delicate thing. Furthermore, I will even go as far as to say that it is manly to appreciate a flower, much in the same way that a man appreciates a woman. Because, without getting too poetic, their beauty is quite similar.

 Now, that I've proven how manly flowers can be, I'm off to watch a movie with zombies, explosions, and ninja fighting robot-pirates.

Thanks for reading, scofflaws!


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