Fun with Photoshop- A Big Pile of Stupid Awesome

by David Finley

 It can't always be high art, or even good art. Somewhere deep inside, lurks the desire to create utter silliness. Sometimes, you must use photomanipulation to create the absurd. After all, Photoshop really is an amazing tool.

Over the years, I've made lots of ridiculous images:

This image has actually made its way around the web a bit, even landing on Icanhasacheesburger, but I promise I made it. I originally posted on a wrestling forum way back in 2005, and made a series of images about fighting monsters. Visit Online Onslaught to see the original thread.

 Before that I wasted a lot of time with MS paint making a Star Wars Parody called , "the Plaid Jedi".  It was a good excuse to put me and my friends in the Star Wars universe in various silly situations. You might say to yourself, 'MS Paint is worthless as a photomanipulation tool!' To which I might reply, ' Good point.'

Although most of the gags were inside jokes, the stories were still a lot of fun to make. Some of my favorite moments included characters like:

R2 Dandroid
Plot arcs like Obi Funn Fizzoli's training:

Obi Funn burns his hand on his lightsaber.
and my favorite plot:

Sneaking into Jabba's Palace with Afro Wig Disguises.

I even liked that last image so much that I did a remake years later just to see how I would handle the same joke now:

A better, more to the point joke in this version if you ask me.
 Of course, my photomanipulation has become a bit more sophisticated in recent years.

Well... sort of. The quality has improved at least. But the important part is that nonsense can have its say.

Thanks for reading, Scofflaws. May the nonsense be with you.

-Dave, Grand Poobah of the Haven for Scofflaws.

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