Carve a Jack O Lantern For Fall

After years of promising myself I'd carve one, I finally made good on it and carved this manly pumpkin. 

 First, I selected what I found to be a profoundly charming pumpkin from the grocery. Notice the bend in the back and that fun curl on top. This pumpkin isn't playing around!

Next it was time to cut out his "cap" and scoop out the seeds. I selected a short bladed knife for better control and made my incisions slowly and carefully. Also, laying down a newspaper is a pretty good idea if you want to stay in good graces with the lady in your life, men.

I scooped my pumpkin's guts into a bowl with a metal spoon. I roasted the seeds later for a nice snack.
Metal spoons are better in this case because it is a lot easier to scrape the inner flesh of the pumpkin with one. See those dangley spaghetti like strands? You won't get those off with a wooden spoon.

 The next part is tricky. I decided to draw out my design by lightly scoring the flesh of the pumpkin with my knife. You may want to use a pencil or a dry erase marker.

After drawing out the form I very slowly and meticulously began to carve in the facial features. My first strokes went only a little deeper than my initial scoring. I didn't want to completely break through until I had made a few passes.

After the face is carved out, you'll need to clean up your edges. Then...

Voila! It's a Jack-O-Lantern! I think he turned out great with lots of character and a slightly menacing look. You may want a more traditional look and that's awesome too. Just have fun with it.

However, it feels like something is missing on mine...

That's better!

Now we light his candle...

...and wait for the night!

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