The Devil is a Jerk

by David Finley

 Today is another makeover from an older picture, but the new version is quite a departure from the original.

 The original looked like this:

 I always like the design of the devil character, but overall, I felt the composition on the original was dull and uninteresting. The new version, features a one on one battle in the realm of the underworld where it is very much a 'David vs. Goliath' type battle. The odds are stacked against our hero with such a powerful foe ahead of him.

 Also, I couldn't be happier with the new background, which took me forever to complete. Here's a view of that:

 Well, that is all for today. If you'd like to buy this print, or order a 'The Devil is a Jerk' T-shirt, you can visit my shop by clicking the picture below.

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