Alien Bob Part2

by David Finley


 Okay, so this is another drawing from an old sketchbook and it's pretty old. For those of you following this blog, the character might look familiar because he's been featured on the Haven before.

 It's our old friend, Alien Bob. You can see his last appearance on the blog, here.

  Bob, here had a simple dream of starting his own business, maybe opening his own sandwich shop and having a vacation home on Neptune, but all that was ruined, when it was discovered that he had a rare talent in bio-cybernetic fusion kinesis, which basically means he can bond with various alloys, circuitry, and metals, bonding them with his own biochemistry.

That's not a robot suit of armor Bob wears. That is his body.

 Bob comes from a race of beings who possess very weak and frail bodies, but are gifted with extremely complex brains which grant them a limited amount of telekinesis, thought projection, advance empathic skills, and minor illusion projection. Despite their considerable natural talents, as a race they are extremely prone to physical injury, death through body trauma, and disease. Bob's special skills make him an exception to this.

 Because of his talents, all sorts of people wanted to utilize his special gift for their own means, and the "betterment of all life". Others aren't convinced that Bob isn't holding back secret information, and are determined to buy his information.

 One thing is for certain. Bob really wants to book passage on the first ship to a place where no one has heard of him. 

The sandwich shop will have to wait.

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