My Favorite RPG Character Class and Race- The Dwarven Cleric

by David Finley

 Okay, so I'm really outing myself as a nerd here, but today's picture is dedicated to my favorite character class and race: The Dwarven Cleric.

 Many Friday nights my friends and I tossed aside trivial things like dating and partying and crammed in a tiny basement room that smelled of taco bell, pizza, and farts. In true Tolkein fashion, we gallantly stood the gap between innocent villagers, and their hill giant attackers, buried dragons under tons of snow, and gave final rest to hordes of undead.

 I liked wizards, rangers, and rogues just fine, but there was nothing like the walking, self healing tank that is the dwarven cleric. He might be the healer, but he's on the front lines with the rest of the crew, dishing it out and taking it in return, pounding the nuts of baddies everywhere with his trusty warhammer, or maul.

 This particular Dwarf, named Stump Bouldershoulder, was one of my friend's characters. He was wise and patient, but couldn't stay out of trouble because of his ill tempered, foul mouthed, slightly racist, axe wielding brother, Knubby. Poor Stump even had his beard burned off in one of Knubby's schemes.

 I'm happy with the painterly elements of the piece, and the blended photographic elements like the mist and the hieroglyphics. Just to show a bit of my process, you can see the initial drawing here. Also, I'll post the flats right here so you can see the second step. Whadayathink?

 Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me.


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