The Truth About Unicorns- More Fantasy Art

Guest Art by Katie Finley

The Unicorn

 Unicorns are an odd animal, that commonly appear in fantasy imagery. But, what is it really except a white horse with a conical forehead horn?

 Today, guest poster, Katie Finley debunks the common myth about the simple unicorn and shows the foul beast's true nature. Look as it rides a donut to a land of binge eating. It's self loathing only intensifies as the vomit of stardust flows from its frosting soaked lips.

That's where stars come from.

 True story.

Katie Finley is now a three time guest poster to the Haven for Scofflaws- A new record! She and her two cats regularly explore the unsolved mysteries of the universe through poetry and art. You can find more of her work by visiting her blog, Pot roast and Balderdash.

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