Why You Won't Ask For What You Really Want

by David Finley

 Being an artist in this lean economy is pretty hard work. It's increasingly difficult to find buyers who have the expendable income to pay for art. The work you do has to be truly remarkable, standing out from a sea of your peers.

 Yet it seems there are artists out there who are selling a good deal of their material. What is their secret? Are they just more prolific, or is it *gasp* they are just more talented than you?

 Here's a spoiler: It's not about talent. Often it comes down to confidence. How many galleries do you approach? How many publishers? Are you establishing good relationships out there? People who like you are far more likely to buy from you. People who trust you are even more likely to do so.

 What you really want is for people to buy your work so you can continue doing what you love for a living. So what's stopping you from asking for it?

Your Lack of Confidence is Stopping You

 It's likely you undervalue yourself and your work. Because you lack confidence, you hold back as you try to make new friends and meet potential clients. Remember that gallery open house where you and your friend Sue sat in the corner sipping wine, looking like scared mice at the cat convention? Did you talk with any of the artists whose work was on display? Did you mention to the gallery owner how much their collection appeals to you and what you're trying to accomplish with your own work?

 As long as you undervalue your work, it will never get the attention or chance to be seen it deserves.

 So, make new friends in the art community with confidence. (Nice to meet you!) Let people know about your online store. (hint: click the shop link at the top of my page) Ask for that appointment to speak with a gallery representative. Ask people to "Like" your Facebook page. Trust me when I say there is art out there that's not even half as good as your work that has been sold because of confidence.

 Go out there and ask for what you really want.


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