Reaching Out

by David Finley

 Do your dreams ever cause you to feel out of place?

Maybe you feel what you do is unconventional, almost like you could look to the night sky toward the planet you truly belong to. You feel misunderstood, which feels a whole lot like rejection.

 Over time, it grows tiresome having to explain your artistic process and who you are, especially when your work is so personal, to a world that, frankly, isn't educated enough about art to appreciate what you are trying to do. There is a great deal of hurt, when even family looks at your form of personal expression, and rejects it as "not their taste".

 It can make your heart sick.

 Sometimes, working toward your passion is a lonely uphill climb. The path is peppered with those who criticize, deter, or warn, you to climb no further. Yet, climb you must. It is important not to give up.

 We must fight for our dreams, as artists and creative individuals, and continue regardless of the detractors. Additionally, it is important to educate non-artists about art, so they too can appreciate and enjoy it. The high art world has done the average artist no favor by being so snobby and elitist. If we want more art funding, more educational art programs in schools, and even more people buying art, we must bring an understanding and love of art to the average person.

 A society where more people appreciate, love, and talk about good art is an exciting society.

 So, keep working toward your dream and believe in your artistic expression. Be patient and understanding: art is alienating to the average person, however you can change that. Look for opportunities to teach others about, not just your art, but the art of others.

 How will you reach out to bring art to others? Will you host a get together at a local museum to talk about art and answer any questions, teach a free art class, or invite your family to a gallery open house?

 Feeling like an alien on your own planet is lonely and discouraging, but if there is anything I learned from watching hours of Star Trek, making meaningful contact with other life begins with reaching out.

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