Illustration Friday- Shades: The Rainy City at Night

Words and Image by David Finley

 How would you express a feeling of grief combined with a hope for something better?

 Would you write poetry or a song, or like me, are you the type of person who can only get your deepest feelings sorted out on the canvas or drawing table?

The Rainy City at Night- by David Finley

This abstract painting is being posted here for the first time. A few years ago I lost a friend to death and illness. He was a friend that I had grown close with in a very short time. It was not unexpected because he was very ill when I met him, and as a result, my pain associated with his passing was very complicated. Words were insufficient to sort out my own feelings. While I was sad, I was grateful that his suffering had ended. So, I painted.

 It is a piece about grief, but it also is about hope, faith, and life. For me, it was a prayer because I felt so adrift and alone when I painted it.

Illustration Friday

 I've posted this piece for this week's illustration Friday's topic because our feelings take on so many different shades. It's not always black and white. Art gives us a means to express ourselves in deep ways. Art helps bring understanding to our pain. Whether through the various tones of music, dance, narrative, or visual art, it is the voice that cries out when we need to express ourselves in a deeper way. It helps us share what we feel with others, and lets others connect, knowing they aren't alone in their own feelings.

  So, how would you express yourself? Would you paint a picture, write music, light a fire, or choreograph a dance? What is the story that you could only tell through art?


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