Around The Weird In Eighty Days

Words and Images by David Finley

 Hey Scofflaws! 

 It's time to take off your shirts and wave them around like a helicopter because today's article is about letting your weird flag fly. It's also about how good that can be for you. Kind of like Vitamin B12, exercise, and ice cream sandwiches.

Remember Kids to Drink Plenty of Delicious Yummy Orange Juice!

 Now before we go too far, don't panic. I'm not going to make anyone sit in the corner of a dentist's office and eat mothballs. I'm not talking about that kind of weird. No, I'm talking about shedding the self consciousness that holds us back from truly expressing ourselves.

 I like to think of being weird as standing out and pushing boundaries. It's creativity, cleverness, and innovation. Imagine what would happen if we had the courage to do what we truly love, expressing the ideas from deep inside of us without fear.

The truth is, we are capable of stepping out. The problem is that stepping out can be a very lonely place...

 ...and scary.

People Want You to Fit Their Expectations

 People, even your friends and family, are comfortable with you right where you are. When you step out, it disrupts their world. While I knew that subconsciously from personal experience, I first read this concept in Hugh MacLeod's book, "Ignore Everybody". When you begin to step out and become "weird", it's going to get attention. Some people will dismiss you, but then there are others who are going to try and tell you how to better accomplish your goals.

 MacLeod is a good authority on the subject, too. He is now a very successful writer, blogger, and artist. His method of expressing himself was, and still is quite unconventional. He makes drawings on the back of business cards. What's more, he makes a good living selling those drawings and prints.

 Yet, when he started, you can bet there were a lot of people who just dismissed what he was trying to do, helpfully trying to deter him from that path into something more lucrative and beneficial. They thought the "weird" guy drawing on business cards was going to live a life of poverty. Without realizing it, those people could have stopped him from realizing his dreams.

You can see more of Hugh MacLeod's work by visiting his website, Gaping Void.

The Need to go Weird.

  Let me encourage you to take a chance. If you have that creative fire inside of you, it's time to stop letting fear hold you back.

 Everyone, myself included has been afraid at some point of being misjudged, laughed at, and ostracized for not staying within the boundaries of acceptable thinking. It is a risk to speak out with your true voice, but it is worth it. Remember, this is your dream, the fire inside you.

 Don't let the loneliness of stepping out stop you. Even good intentioned people who offer to help you, aren't going to be as committed to your vision as you are. That's okay. It's your dream, your passion, and your adventure.

 Go forth with determination. Blow doors down.

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