Jokes About Farts and Boogers

Warning: The drawing below is crude humor, or as some like to say, 'toilet humor'.

You all know what that is... laughing at farts, burps, boogers, fannies, weiners, balls, and the like. It's the stuff we would scribble and draw on notes and pass around the class in grade school, only to snicker about it until we gave ourselves away. It's the stuff that got us detention, or a visit to the principal's office. It is forbidden fruit.

And, it is delicious...


Esau takes a much needed break.

....and, no more so than when we are young.

Boobie and fart jokes are taboo and infantile. I'm certain some expert in acceptable behavior told me that at some point. We are expected to outgrow them.

Of course, there does seem to be some truth to this. At adult dinner parties, (and by adult I mean grown-up, not pornographic) it is not acceptable to blow raspberries into the crook of your arm and point at the hostess while letting the banana from your dessert protrude from the open zipper of your trousers.

Yet, there is a certain honesty to this kind of humor that cuts straight to the core of what we find funny. It is direct, frank, and immediate. If done correctly, it can even dabble in borderline sophistication. The comedy group, Monty Python was particularly skilled at the blend of sophistication and crudeness.

Important Things with Demetri Martin © comedy central
I once saw a Demetri Martin sketch about a man who, through miraculous means was able to have dinner with Galileo, Shakespeare, and Benjamin Franklin at a TGI Fridays.

The man, anticipating the most stimulating conversation of his life from these great thinkers, was not prepared for them to be such crude perverts. We expect scholars to ascend above our own base instincts and to be better than us, but sometimes find the truth to be all too shockingly human. Eventually, in the sketch, these great minds were ejected from the TGIF for sexual harassment and lewd conduct. Super funny.

So, like many men my age, I still champion the flag of crude and infantile humor in certain situations. Because of its honesty, it has a power to cut through the mire of everyday life. Sure, it isn't okay in every situation, but it transports us back to our childhood and that is fun.

Plus, farts make really funny noises.

Uh, what I have learned, and I'm not kidding about this, is that what works for me in late night is what works with two year old children. 
 - Conan O'Brien (discussing philosophies on what makes people laugh.)

"I don't drink water, fish fornicate in it"
- W.C. Fields

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