Where Does Personality Come From?

"Are your characters based on you or someone you know?"

 It's a question I get a lot. In most cases, it would be easy enough to say that I base most of the characters on aspects of my own personality, while a few are based on people or pets I know or have lived with. And that answer would be true enough, even if it is overly simplified.

However, there is one character that I have that defies that explanation. Esau the Donkey is based on Esau the Donkey.

 To be fair, Esau is actually a creation of mine and my friend Andrew based on silly stories we would make up while doing improv together. He's a character born of collaboration, and by far, the easiest of all my Last Resort characters to write for.

When I'm plotting scenes for Esau, I finally understand what authors are talking about when they say their characters tend to write themselves.

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