Musings From a Dinner Napkin

In movies, there always seems to be this romantic lore about doodles and drawings an artist might place upon a napkin. It typically either depicts an artist so desperate to create and record the images in his head that he must record them on a napkin, or it shows a boredom induced bit of scribbling that turns into genius.

 I'd like to set this matter straight by telling you that these stories are 100% completely based on fact. This napkin doodle above was an act of desperation just like the ones in the movies. You see, the building I was in had been set on fire by arsonists and if it weren't for some quick doodles on this napkin, the whole building would be nothing but ash. The mayor called to congratulate me.

 In all seriousness, it does show some concept pre-sketches I did for a client, a logo idea for my Captain Blacksocks show in the upper left, and an inane doodle on the upper right.

The first explanation was probably better, though.

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