Using Illustration to Spice Up Your Design Work

I think that one of the biggest advantages a good illustrator of fine artist can give themselves is a good education in design. Admittedly, I overlooked the value of this in my younger years, but have since seen the error of my ways.

Today, I am going to show you three examples of my design work that use illustration and design together.

  • The Maitland Counseling Center Logo
The base of the whole design is a circle contained within a box that gives the design the strength of the solid rigid square, but the fluid movement of the circle. Once the basic shapes and colors were chosen, I added rough illustrative white swirls to the interior of the circle to create movement. My inspiration was light reflecting off of a spinning vinyl record.

Maitland Counseling Center,Logo,Design

  • Steps of Praise Dance Ministry Logo
This piece takes a more illustrative approach from the beginning with the flames and the dancer, but still utilizes a simple circle to anchor the design. Since the logo is for a ministry, I emphasized Praise with size, placement, and color to make it the main element the viewer sees.
Logo,Design,Steps of Praise Dance Ministry

  • The Celebrity Roast of Tony Dietterick Flyer
Before my wedding, a friend of mine was gracious enough to let us make fun of him to raise money for travel and wedding costs for me and my best man. With this flyer, I wanted to create a lowbrow cut and pasted photocopy look like you would see for a local band. The use of lowbrow black and white imagery, combined with simple bits of illustration really let the targeted audience know ahead of time, the type of event they are in for.


Thanks for looking at these.

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