Abstract Expressionism and a Corel Painter Fish


I love you guys so much that I'm going to post two pieces of new, mostly never before seen art here today. The first, is a revision of a piece I did back in college when I was experimenting with light and its effect on color. I wanted to take this piece a step further so I started altering it digitally, shifting some values and changing some compositional elements. You can see this drawing in its original state: click here.


The next piece is a true blue original doodle I did using Corel Painter and my digital tablet. It is a fish. There is really not that much else to say, but I hope all you viewers out there enjoy it. I think he's hungry, but don't try to feed him.

That's just a little bizarre humor for your enjoyment.

I'm still having some computer issues, and I can't find my camera since I went to Raleigh two weeks ago, but I will not let that stop me from snapping some shots of my newer work to post here. See ya again soon!

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