The Lion's Den, and Praying in the Garden

Hello all. I hope everyone is doing well. Today's post is Bible related again. These two drawings are quick studies I did at work.


I originally wanted more lions in this next piece, but some compositional problems sort of got in the way of making that happen. Oh well, that will teach me to plan better I guess. A friend of mine told me that Daniel looked too old, but I wanted him to appear wise and experienced. Still, I think the picture has a nice feel to it.

The last piece is supposed to be Jesus praying in the garden, but I stopped drawing it because it didn't get approved at work. The detail was too obscure. Personally, I am against depicting specific images of Jesus, so this concept had to end.

I like his crossed arms because it suggests a struggle. However, If I had to do i over, I'd show more of that struggle in his face.


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