Carrying a Cross

Today's picture is a pencil drawing of high detail and very little "umph" if you ask me. Although I like the subject, the drama is in the detail of texture here, not in the body language of the characters. In other words, it's like the figures are posing for this picture instead of experiencing an event.

Still, people really seem to like this picture and it does show a more accurate representation of Roman Centurion armor.


Now, I'll discuss what I did right. I think I did a nice job of spotting black areas so that the emphasis is on the soldier and the cross beam. I think Jesus does actually look like he's been flogged and the crown of thorns came out pretty well. Also, since no reference was used, I think I did a pretty okay job with anatomy and props as well.

This might be a matter of personal taste, because a lot of people really like this piece when they're looking through my work. They favor the detail and meticulous crafting that a piece like this has, whereas I personally like gestural drawing a lot more. Oh well, that's why I do pieces like this, because I don't just draw for me. :)

Thanks for looking!

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