Walking on Water

Today's image is a drawing with more of a spiritual message. The drawing is done on pastel paper with willow charcoal, compressed charcoal, and white conte'. I've been doing a series of Biblically themed pictures, and this one is tied with one other picture for my favorite of this series.

One very interesting, yet difficult challenge to this series, is that I'm not using and photographic or live reference material. Rather, I'm relying on my brain to provide the details. It's not that I prefer to draw this way, but the situation demands it. I'm particularly pleased with Peter's hands, and the rocking waves passing around Peter and Jesus. I hope you enjoy looking at it.


This story has a great deal of significance, because it is about having the courage to follow the guidance and call of God through seemingly impossible conditions. It says that a man can walk on water if he keeps his eyes on God and doesn't let external factors distract him. Everyone always points out that Peter stated to sink, but what I've chosen to depict here, is that Peter almost made it to Jesus before he started to sink. He had the courage and faith to reach for the "impossible" all on the calling of Jesus.

We can apply this to our own lives, too. Not to get too preachy, but we are made as God designed us and need to remember that if he calls us to a purpose, whether it be preaching, teaching, custodial work, art, or whatever, He will provide the means to live in that calling. To believe otherwise, is to believe God has no control over things and events He sets in motion.

If you don't believe in God, I'd still encourage you to chase your dreams anyway. A purpose was put in your heart that you were born to fulfill.

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