Trees make me think

I decided to post a nice conservative pic for your viewing pleasure today. I did this for a friend who likes landscapes. This pic shows my fascination with color because if you were there in person looking at the same thing I was looking at, nothing there was red or orange. But, i thought it needed some orange.....then blue.......then red and well, you have what we see here. Maybe I just missed seeing autumn this year since I'm in Florida and it's in the seventies today.

This was done with watercolor and enhanced slightly with some pastel work. It felt good to get over the hump and get something done.

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The next is all digital and is a concept for my death and rebirth series. It also deals with trees, but you can't tell by looking at it now. I won't spoil it though because it's a surprise. I did this in Corel Painter X and finished it in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

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Thanks for looking. I have some angel pics I need to scan in so I hope to post those soon.

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