Blood on my Hands

This piece was made for an assignment. The meaning is quite personal, however, I will say it doesn't necessarily reflect my current state of mind. It does depict an emotion that was surging through me a few months ago: Guilt. I won't elaborate except to say that in this case, I had nothing to feel guilty about.

A few posts ago I made an entry about trees and posted my digital mock-up for what I wanted this piece to look like. This finished one is all traditional, done with oil pastel overlayed with black china marker. I'm pleased with the result, although I do feel like the foot on the tree is a bit hard to read. I probably should have placed that differently so it was not framed completely. Oh well, such is life. I am happy with the whited silhouettes of the two lovers in the upper left. So, enough of my yabbering... Here's the picture.
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