A Watercolor From My Last Day

This watercolor I'm about to show you is a landscape that I completed on my last day of class, Wednesday, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art gardens. This is the last piece of art that I have done here in Indy. I don't know if I'll do anymore before I go. The next watercolors I'll work on will be in sunny Orlando, Florida and I hope to post those here as soon as I complete them. Hopefully, the days I go to Epcot will be hospitable for this kind of work.

It's enjoyable working on a piece and getting lost in it a bit. I tried to work as loosely as possible with a big flat 1" brush. The limitations of brush shape and size caused me to make painting choices that I might have otherwise have strayed from. This experiment worked better for me than the tight strokes I've been trying to incorporate into my work recently. What can I say? I like working loose.

The medium is professional grade watercolor on paper.

Click to see a larger version

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Thanks for looking! Thanks to all those who have been there for me and who have prayed.

I'm excited to do more of these and would like to experiment with masking fluid soon. I'm gonna try to post here as often as I did the last two months, but my adjustment period may slow that rate down a bit.

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