Mighty Huntress Revisited

Today is a great day for change in my life and I'm feeling good. I am proactively doing something with my life that I am very proud of.

My faith has aided me through this, as I am by nature, usually cautious, but I think the risks are worth it. To show this confidence, I thought I'd pull out a classic or two depicting some of my more confident and triumphant characters. I also do this because it will take me a bit to scan in some of my newer art and I wanted to let you guys know I was still kicking and ticking. :)

My cat, Punk'en is one of the most inspiring personalities I've ever had the pleasure to know. She is simply confident that people will love her for who she is. I really admire and love that about her. She knows she is strong and that no foe is insurmountable. I think everyone would benefit from a little more Punk'en in their life.

I miss her so much right now, and Skelly, as well. I guess you could say that I miss my family in general. My kids, of course, are very important to me.... even if they happen to be cats and not human children. I guess I wanted to post this because Skelly and Punk'en are very much on my mind and having this art here makes me feel like they aren't so far away from me.

This piece is digital, made in Adobe Illustrator, and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

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I also post this because I'm going to work with the cat and robot series again really soon. The first piece is coming together nicely, and I hope to get it up here.

The next retro post is of good ole Dennis the Delightfully Destructive Dinosaur. I post this pic because Dennis always makes me smile, even when he's ruining a sweet little girl's tea party. Poor Dennis can't help destroying things of such delicate daintyness. The poor guy was born to be evil.
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Well, I hope this post was enjoyable despite the recycled content. I'll post some new stuff soon. I have some doodles I'vve been working with.

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