A Watercolor Baddie plus Classic Bad Day Man

I wanted to post some of my new art here, but I'm still working on so much of it right now that, while I have several pieces that are near finished now, I have very little that actually is finished. One of the pieces I just finished is rather large and difficult to scan in so I decided against posting that, but I do have one little piece from my watercolor class that is no more than a week old. I'm giddy to share. We were given some time to experiment with our materials so most people took the time to paint tree branches like the teacher showed us. I thought a scooby villian inpspired robot would be better and doodled this little thing.
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Now on to the Bonus portion of this post. Yes, I'm posting multiples today folks! This Bad Day Man pastel drawing is about two and a half years old now, but this is the first anybody has seen it. It's been sitting in my artwork filespace for a while and I came across it recently when I moved. This one is themed: having a bad computer day. I drew this when I still worked at the office. I meant to give it to a friend as a thank you for gifting me with a scanner, but some events at the time caused that not to happen.

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The next pic is truly a bonus. It is a rare gem that I normally would not unearth, a drawing over eleven years old that I drew back in 1996. It is one of the oldest Bad Day Man pics that I still have in my possession. There might very well be none older still in existence. Back then he was called the Booty Man. I have no idea why. Please enjoy this historical piece. I added the colors so it wouldn't look butt ugly next to the previous posts.

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Thanks for looking today, friends.

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