Sleeping With the Fishes p1

This is a sketch I am using as a color study for an illustration project I'm working on for school. It utilizes the old phrase "sleeping with the fishes" as a starting point and I'm trying to convey a hidden meaning of the dangers of making the wrong friends. I used brush pen and colored pencils to lay it out.

Of course it's still in it's rough phase. I'm ironing out all the enormous wrinkles in acting and composition. I'll post the final here, when it comes together, but for now I'm still struggling to make it work. For now, lighting and value contrast need the most work, but I'm also going to adjust the staging and figure placement, by spotting some darks and creating focus on the cave. (which doesn't read as a cave here at all :) )
Click the picture to see a larger version.

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That about does it for this one. I don't have much else to say, except that drawing a mustache on a shark is something everyone should get to do at least once. Oh yeah, and I wanted to point out an awesome site that I came across from school. It's the site of a Herron artist who was actually at the Eiteljorg working on some artwork in the same group I was in. His work is amazing and he's got some really insane ideas. I used to read some of the comics he had pinned up to the wall of the illustration classroom before I met him. Go to and check him out if you will. There's some super funny stuff there. I know he's had some misfortune lately with his car, so maybe buy a print from him or purchase one of his ebay auctions if you aren't poor like me!

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