Rock Star!

Today's post is a self portrait. Yay!

This is one that I think turned out pretty well. Our assignment was to present ourselves as other people. I figured that something I always thought about, but never did was become a mega rock star. However, since I'm nearly thirty and I'm surrounded at school by people who are five to ten years younger than me, I thought I'd be one of those rockers whose career was in the sunset phase. Here I am, a venerable rock star, about to go on stage and perform for a small and apathetic crowd.

The pic was done on Bristol with oil pastel and it's one of those pictures that seemed to just click. What I mean by that is that it came out exactly how I planed without throwing me any curve balls. I just sat down and drew it. That rarely happens in the art world except with things you draw repeatedly.

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I hope you enjoy my latest entry. Now that school's starting again, I'll try to post more of my work. After a somewhat lazy summer, it's time to get back on the buggy and start galloping. I'm going to try to work on a critical breakdown and process piece soon as well. Thanks for looking!

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