An update- now with fifty percent more goodness added!

The first picture is a still life- the first one I've done in years! It's drawn with Rembrant brand pastels (thanks Trizz for introducing me to those, I love working with them!) on Canson paper. I did a still life because we had the option to draw a figure or a still life. I chose the still-life because I had been itching to see if I could imbue the same energy into a still-life that I could a figure drawing. The picture here is a little washed out. The colors are better in person.
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My next update was and experimental surface still- life (my second in years! OMG!!~!)
There is a plastic dummy with a hat on. An old gas can and a film reel sit in front of him. I call this one, The Moonshine Still. It's mixed media with paint on the base layer with conte' and ink on top. Again a scan would work better, but these things are large! My scanner can only handle so much before it gets mad at me and refuses to work.

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Heres a view of the surface texture from this same piece that I captured using my camera's flash. With this, you can see how thick the base layer of paint under the drawing is.

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