It's Robot Day! Hooray~!

Okay, let's get this awesome Monday going with a little robot action. Everybody loves robots, right? They're right up there with pirates, ninjas, and cake!

First off, is a conceptual sketch I did with a brush pen for my Thor Robot sculpture. This was done with no layouts or reference- just pure imagination, friends! It's the moment where I first conceived putting a beard on a robot. That's an achievement I pat myself on the back for, despite no encouragement from the outside world.

To be honest, I'm happy as heck with the way this turned out. I also think the sculpture captures the original feeling of this sketch nicely. Some elements are different in the wardrobe and the shield. About the only element completely missing in the final version is the helmet. I made a few versions, but they all made him look like a chef or a construction worker.

Please click any image to see a larger version.

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Next on the list is a project for my Communicative Drawing class showing in visual terms, "The Fear of Freedom". I worked up a few really loose sketches that I won't show here before deciding to try to use a robot instead of a human. Here's the first "finalized" version:

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After the critique, I knew a lot needed to change in this for it to be really successful. For one, there is no sense of place. What is that circular shape behind the robot? Could the composition be cropped differently to trap the figure more with his fear? These are all concerns I addressed with the final version. I liked the first version a lot before, but the final version is so much better.

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By the way, Happy belated birthday to Trizzou!

Well, that wraps up robot day. I look forward to ninja day and pirate day, but I will have to draw some ninjas and pirates first. Take care!

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