I'm tired today, but I must persist

I'll post a few pieces today. The first, I was a bit hesitant to post because of the nudity, but it is a tasteful image. It's fairly new- only a few weeks old and I'm proud of this piece not only because it is large (it's close to 3' by 5'), but also because I also completed it in just a two hour session. I had missed the class before, when we started the pieces, so I only had one session to finish it. By the end of class, my hand tingled like I was being zapped repeatedly with static electricity.

The piece is charcoal on cold pressed illustration board. Although this picture is not sexual, it does show nudity. Please do not click the picture if nudity offends your sensibilities.
Please click any picture to see a larger version.

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The next piece is an oldy done in graphite on a piece of bristol of legal letter size. I did this one around 2003 when I lived in cold, unforgiving Ft. Wayne. I had just seen The Two Towers and wanted to do some fantasy work. I like the rendering and the detail, but feel like the pose is just blah and compositionally weak. I posted this one because I'm thinking about doing a more pleasing compositional update featuring this same character. Any suggestions on what he should be doing?
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My next piece is purely digital and was done as a sarcastic t-shirt design for my sister to protest her treatment at work. Her silent protest caused giggles among the staff, but was not noticed by management. Theres not much to this one, I just think it's kind of fun.
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Lastly, is a promised update of my Thor robot. I told you I'd get some better pictures and, well... here they are. I think this is a much better view of what it actually looks like. His eye lights are even turned on for the photoshoot.
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