I've got a lot to do this week and don't seem to have enough time. I need to organize a portfolio for a scholarship audition, turn in my Honor Society acceptance form, get my teacher's recommendation for a scholarship, complete five concept drawings for class, finish two major pieces, organize some submissions for a school publication, and all my other normal assignments and job related stuff. Did I mention I have strep throat?

I figure we're about due for another self portrait. This is one of my favorites because I really let loose with the materials. I was just trying to lay down form and space as quickly as I could. The whole piece, done with charcoal and erasor on 18" by 24" paper, took about twenty minutes.
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Not for the uber fuddy people with a hatred for nudity, or those on the opposite side with a bad case of grabby hands and mouth breather syndrome, is another nude piece. This one, done with Rembrant pastels on canson paper. I find this piece to be quite lovely and I think it might be my favorite nude yet. The nude I posted here before in an earlier entry was my favorite before this, but I think the soft pinks, draped half nudity of the upper torso, and the challenge of rendering the mirror make this one just edge the other out. If you are offended by even tasteful artistic nudity drawn in a classroom setting, please avoid clicking on this picture. It is not my intention to offend anyone.
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Well, that about does it for today, I hope to get more up soon, but we'll see how that goes. As always, any comments or suggestions about the pieces are very much appreciated. Also, there might be rumors floating around that Patrick Stewart and I got drunk and dressed up like Robin Hood. Why... I would never allow myself... ~for shame!~

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....please don't think less of me.

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