A Tiny Update

Here's a tiny update for today. It's a digital concept sketch I did for a print I was working on in my creative processes class. I'll publish the actual print here soon, but I don't have it scanned in to my computer just yet. It's another Dennis pic, and he's having tea with a happy little asian girl. I'm not certain why I made her asian; there's really no good reason, but I thought it appropriate at the time. In the final piece there's more action and the storytelling is a bit more developed, but the "pickin's is slim" on this day. That's all for today. Hopefully, I'll put up a better update soon. Click on a picture to see a larger version.
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What the heck, I feel bad about just posting this so I'll throw in the very first Dennis doodle I ever did as a bonus pic. It's been seen here before, from the old blog before I wiped it out and started over, but this stupid guy makes me laugh so he gets put back here again.

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