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No self portrait this time folks, but I will share two of my older drawings. The first is a picture of Samus from the Metroid series. This was done with a graphite watercolor pencil so I was able to get some neat effects with the smoke and such. Overall, I think the composition could use some work to make the scene more mysterious and off-kilter. She's a little too stationary to be exciting. Oh well, it's an older drawing (about a year and a half old), but I thought I'd finally let it see the light of day.
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The second drawing is unfinished and I actually started it several years ago. I only post it here because I am very proud of some of the stuff in it. Look at that hand! I think I might turn this into a painting when I get some time, or I might even make myself finish this thing.
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Lastly, is a portrait piece submitted to me by another artist. He is a titan in the contemporary art field and I am flattered to have this portrait of me. I think he did it with needle point and dyed snake venom on leather, but I'm not sure. Either way, it's not often others do artwork for me so I am very happy and excited to get it.

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