The Giant King and the Manic Depressive Squirt Bottle

I'm pretty tired today. Sorry for the staggering in updates, but I've had a ton of homework to do. I can't make excuses. *sigh*

The first entry is another piece for communicative drawing. The assignment was to take three objects and imbue them with a descriptive emotion. I chose royal. The objects were a strange cow money bank my Grandma gave me, a pen, and an Andre the Giant action figure. This was my first time working with prismacolor markers, but I think they turned out swell. Other than the viewpoint, (I should have positioned the camera lower so you would have to look up at him) I think it came out like I planned it.
Click any picture to see a larger version.
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The next drawings are doodles for the same class. I had to take an object, in this case a squirt bottle, and imbue it with various character. I pushed the physical limits pretty hard to get some of these.
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