The Creative Process

For my newest entry, I thought I'd take you a little through the creative process. I wanted to show how trial and error and preliminary sketches play a role in some of the pieces I've been working on recently. This is one of my newest projects. I just turned the final version in last Thursday.

The theme we used involved putting yourself in a place you wouldn't want to be. It was a fun and challenging project that pushed me to some new breakthroughs in my understanding of composition. I'll start off with my preliminary sketches. I decided that, although I really like and respect the bear as an animal, I would never want to be caught unaware by one. I played around with lots of designs until Vance, my teacher suggested that my source reference for my bear was too placid. I later found a more suitable photo to look at, but these initial drawings still contain the first.
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There is another page to these that I think I forgot to scan. Ah well, you probably get the point and can see that my teacher was right about the relationship lacking its full comedic or horrific potential in this case. I went on to make another more fleshed out sketch with my new source material- adecidely angry bear. I decided I wanted the bear looming over me so visually I would be boxed in beneath his size. I used pastels to get a better idea of the color scheme and fleshed out a crude mock-up. Here's the pic.
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This is better than before, but my class thought I could push it even more. They suggested making the bear larger and putting more of my figure in the pic. They also wanted me to include the honey container I had in my reference photos. The size difference would increase the tension and more of my figure would lead to me being more visually "trapped" within the composition.

The result came off pretty strong compositionally. I used pastels and colored pencils for my final project and really tried to push color relationships beyond what they were in my references to heighten the drama even more. I think the picture turned out pretty well, other than a snag I had with my spray fixative that caused me to have to redraw about 60 percent of the picture over again. You can still see a bit of the haze it left in some of the lower picture portions.
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That's about it for this update. Let me know what you think of my work if you will. I'm always looking for feedback and suggestions.

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